Hierarchical Nanoplatforms for High-Performance Enzyme Biocatalysis under Denaturing Conditions

Elena González-Domínguez, Miguel Comesaña-Hermo, Rosalía Mariño-Fernández, Benito Rodríguez-González, Raul Arenal, Verónica Salgueiriño, Diego Moldes, Abdelmageed M. Othman, Moisés Pérez-Lorenzo, and Miguel A. Correa-Duarte
ChemCatChem 2016, 8, 12641268


A hierarchically structured nanoplatform comprising the integration of enzymes into a hybrid carbon-nanotube-based magnetic nanocomposite was developed. By means of this complex support, laccases are endowed with exceptional performance even in fully denaturing environments. In this regard, up to 10-fold enhancements in the biocatalytic activity of the enzymes can be attained at different temperatures and pH conditions. Furthermore, these platforms are found to provide laccases with unprecedented recycling potential. In this line, these composites allow straightforward recovery and reuse of the biocatalysts with no loss of efficiency even after 10 successive runs. These outstanding operational capabilities make these nanocarriers a promising material to tackle the challenges associated with the implementation of enzymes in industrial biotechnology.

ChemCatChem 2016