Influence of Glymes upon Percolative Phenomena in AOT-Based Microemulsions

Javier Dasilva-Carbalhal, Luis García-Río, Diego Gómez-Díaz, Juan C. Mejuto, and Moisés Pérez-Lorenzo
J. Colloid Interface Sci., 2005, 292, 591–594


A study was carried out on the influence of different polyethylene glycol dimethyl ethers (glymes) on the conductance percolation of AOT/isooctane/water microemulsions. The glymes used were chosen on the basis of this chain length (the number of polymeric units). In all cases we observed a decrease in the percolation threshold on increasing the amount of a glyme added to the microemulsion. We observed a correlation between the effect exerted by the glyme and its chain length, which shows the importance of including them in the interface for the percolative phenomenon. Such inclusion modifies the properties of the AOT film, facilitating the exchange of matter between droplets.