Influence of n-Alkyl Acids on the Percolative Phenomena in AOT-Based Microemulsions

Antonio Cid-Samamed, Luis García-Río, Domingo Fernández-Gándara, Juan C. Mejuto, Jorge Morales, and Moisés Pérez-Lorenzo
J. Colloid Interface Sci., 2008, 318, 525–529


A study was carried out on the influence of the n-alkyl acid addition on the electric percolation of AOT/iso-octane/water microemulsions ([AOT] = 0.5 M and W= [H2O]/[AOT] = 22.2). The observed influence has been explained taking into account the organic nature of these molecules and, hence, their capacity of disturbing the structure of the AOT-film. For these reasons, relationships with their molecular structure (chain length) were analysed.