Increasing the Complexity of Magnetic Core/Shell Structured Nanocomposites for Biological Applications

Verónica Salgueiriño-Maceira, and Miguel A. Correa-Duarte
Adv. Mat., 2007, 19, 4131–4144


This Review article ponders core/shell structured nanoparticles that can be prepared with features that combine properties of different materials, including ligands that enhance their biocompatibility. These nanocomposites are not classified in terms of synthesis, but rather by how these features are distributed in the final morphology, attending to connected or isolated materials that end up in interacting or not-interacting functionalities. In particular, we have focused on magnetic core/shell-structured particles with a directly connected, coupled, or isolated second functionality. The current progress on methods in colloidal solution that have allowed the great development of these multifunctional magnetic and active spheres on biological and biomedical fields is reported.