SERS Assisted Ultra-fast Peptidic Screening: A New Tool for Drug Discovery

Rolando Pérez-Pineiro, Miguel A. Correa-Duarte, Verónica Salgueirino, and Ramón A. Álvarez-Puebla
Nanoscale 2012, 4, 113116


Herein we present a direct label-free ultra-fast method for the identification and classification of the active members of a combinatorial library directly on the solid support used for their synthesis. The method is based on the appropriate functionalization of polyethylene glycol grafted polystyrene (TentaGel®) microbeads with Au@Ag nanoparticles, the use of these materials directly as solid-phase supports for the synthesis of combinatorial libraries of peptides and the subsequent SERS analysis for identification of each peptide on each bead.