“Takeaway” drug delivery: A new nanomedical paradigm

Elena González-Domínguez, Benito Rodríguez-González, Moisés Pérez-Lorenzo, and Miguel A. Correa-Duarte
Nano Res. 2017, 10, 22342243


An alternative model to the well-established paradigm of the externally switchable drug delivery systems is herein proposed. In contrast to the on–off archetype, here the amount of released drug is pre-set by the application of an external stimulus, and is gradually released after the withdrawal of the exogenous signal. These attributes are achieved through an innovative approach featuring the integration of plasmonic nanovehicles in a polymer-based film. Such a platform is provided with optically responsive capabilities together with multiple diffusional barriers, allowing for an “on-demand” time-limited release where light acts as a therapeutic “starting shot”. These nanoarchitectured depots have great potential as implantable drug delivery systems in clinical scenarios where a recurrent, sustained, and yet, on–off administration of medication is required. The application of these hybrid materials may extend the implementation of nanomedicine strategies beyond the point-of-care setting.